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Other Plumbing and Heating Services in Southgate, Barnet and Enfield

While much of our work involves central heating installations and servicing or fitting new boilers and repairing old ones, that is only the start of the services we have to offer. Aside from these popular plumbing solutions, we also provide services such as gas services including repairs and meter reconnections; drainage including soil and waste-pipes; drain repairs including damaged soil and waste-pipes; power flushing, boiler replacements, under-floor heating, bathroom design and installation, and so much more. We supply these services to domestic customers and commercial clients across North London, Hertfordshire, and the surrounding area.

No matter what you need from your local, dependable plumbing and heating firm, Buckingham Ltd can deliver it. This applies to customers in our hometown of Southgate, as well as those further afield in Barnet, Enfield, and beyond.

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As your local plumbing and heating experts covering Southgate, Barnet and Enfield, we have much to offer our customers, whatever they need. Here is a few of our other services…

Power Flushing in Southgate, Barnet and Enfield

Over time, rust, dirt, sludge, and various types of debris can build up in your central heating system. Power flushing is a way of cleaning out all that accumulated junk. We use a specialised machine to circulate a chemical through your pipes, boiler and radiators at high pressure. This flushes out any unwanted deposits, improving your system's efficiency.

Bathroom Design and Installation in Southgate, Barnet and Enfield

Of all the rooms in your home, the one that makes the most use of your plumbing and drainage system is undoubtedly the bathroom. Our team of professional plumbers has decades of experience designing and installing quality bathrooms across the South East. We will take your initial vision for the perfect bathroom and make it a reality.

Underfloor Heating in Southgate, Barnet and Enfield

Not only can an effective underfloor heating system eliminate the need for radiators in your property, but it can also reduce your heating bills. At Buckingham Ltd, we use quality components to deliver a system that warms up your property efficiently. Attached directly to your central heating set-up, you can incorporate separate zoned areas for maximum comfort.

Problem Solving in Southgate, Barnet and Enfield

If something isn’t working properly and you have had several different engineers try to assess and rectify your problem without success then give Buckingham Ltd a call and we will resolve your ongoing plumbing issues.

Why Choose Buckingham Ltd?

There are many reasons to choose us, whatever your plumbing needs might be. Here are some of the most common ones based on feedback from our customers…


Whatever plumbing and heating jobs you need us to perform, you are assured an exceptional service. We know our way around any plumbing and drainage system. You can learn what our previous customers have said about us by visiting the Reviews page.

Buckingham Ltd has been a part of North London’s plumbing and heating industry since 1985, delivering an extensive range of services across the capital and beyond. We have decades of experience guaranteeing quality workmanship on every job.

Based in Southgate, Buckingham Ltd is well placed to provide essential plumbing and heating services across North London and Hertfordshire, taking in customers as far afield as Barnet, Enfield, and surrounding areas.

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