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Emergency Plumbing Services in North London and Hertfordshire

Since 1985, Buckingham Ltd has been trading in the North London and Hertfordshire area as an emergency plumber. I promise a prompt response to all emergency calls, whatever time of the day or night I might receive them. Whether the problem is with your boiler, your central heating system, or anywhere else in your household plumbing, I can be relied upon to help you when you need me the most.

I operate out of my Southgate office, covering a 20-mile radius around the town. This area takes in both North London and Hertfordshire, including my valued domestic customers and commercial clients in Barnet, Enfield and beyond.

Emergency Plumbers Near Me in North London and Hertfordshire

As your local plumbing and heating expert covering North London and Hertfordshire, I have much to offer my customers. Here are a few of my more popular services…

Burst and Frozen Pipes in North London and Hertfordshire

Anything that leaves you with water flooding into your home (or, alternatively, no water at all) requires the attention of an emergency plumber. Frozen and burst pipes are common incidents across North London and Hertfordshire. Indeed, one often leads to the other, especially during the winter. If possible, turn off your water supply and call Buckingham Ltd immediately.

Emergency Boiler Repairs in North London and Hertfordshire

When something goes wrong with your boiler, it can often be an emergency situation. After all, nobody wants to be left without hot water. At Buckingham Ltd, I can help with all manner of boiler repairs from failing pilot lights and damaged thermostats to corroded diverter valves and more. As an emergency plumber I am also Gas Safe registered.

Emergency Central Heating Repairs in North London and Hertfordshire

Central heating systems cover a wide range of components and appliances – everything from hot water tanks and piping to thermostats and radiators. As a professional emergency plumber, I have been fixing and servicing central heating systems for decades, ensuring a quick diagnosis of the problem and a fast, effective solution.

Other Emergency Plumbing Services in North London and Hertfordshire

While these are the main areas of your plumbing and heating system that are likely to result in an emergency, there are others. What is an inconvenience to one person is a matter of urgency to another. If you feel that your situation is an emergency, I can be at your side as soon as possible.

Why Choose Buckingham Ltd?

There are many reasons to choose Buckingham Ltd for your emergency plumbing needs. Here are some of the most common ones based on feedback from customers…


When you need to call a plumber in an emergency, make sure it is somebody you can depend upon. Here at Buckingham Ltd, I am Gas Safe registered and have decades of relevant, hand-on experience in the trade – this is your guarantee of a swift and effective response to any emergency call out.

Having been part of the local plumbing trade in North London and Hertfordshire since 1985, I am one of the area’s longest-serving emergency plumbers.

I am based in Southgate in North London, from where I have traded since 1985. From here, I cover a 20-mile radius, taking in much of North London and Hertfordshire. Wherever you are situated – be it Enfield, Barnet, or somewhere further afield – I guarantee to be with you quickly, every time you need me.

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